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You’re a professional dedicated to improving processes in your organization. You operate with an eye on the goals of increasing customer satisfaction, speeding production and reducing costs. Maybe you manage your organization’s formal quality improvement program or perhaps there isn’t one but you have contributed toward improving processes that have made a real difference in the company. You are, in short, a devoted practitioner of continuous improvement.
At Printing Industries of America, we believe such dedication should be recognized. So we developed the Improvement Professional in Print (IPP) certification program to validate the expertise of printing industry professionals who help companies achieve operational excellence by using the concepts of Lean Manufacturing and other management and quality systems. Interested? Find out more!

Current Events

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  • PIA Unveils New Print Management Alert Series
    Pittsburgh, PA--Printing Industries of America's Center for Print Economics and Management has initiated a new publication series: the Print Management Alert. It will provide PIA members with information on key management strategies, issues, and practices. Dr. Ron Davis, PIA's Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, stated that "the new report will provide PIA members with […]
  • PIA Launches Spoilage Survey
    Pittsburgh, PA--Printing Industries of America (PIA) announced today that the organization will be investigating spoilage within the printing industry. Data will be collected by means of a survey distributed to printing companies. The aim of the examination is to better understand the extent that spoilage is tracked, how statistics are calculated, and more importantly, the […]
  • PIA Releases Special Message on Tax Reform Plan
    Pittsburgh, PA--Printing Industries of America is hailing the tax reform plan outlined by President Trump today as a pro-growth game changer for its member companies and the printing and packaging industry at large. President & CEO Michael Makin today released the following statement: "For years, PIA has called upon Congress to enact tax reform that […]

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~W. Edwards Deming